Kid-Friendly Reading Nooks That Will Turn Your Children into Book Lovers

Anyone else miss the good ole days when kids read books instead of plastering iPadโ€™s with emojis? While leading by example (ahem) is the best way to encourage, weโ€™re positing that a rad kids-only reading hideaway will work wonders, too. Take inspiration from the amazing nugget nooks below, and consider a weekend DIY project with your mini-me.

Hang A Swing

In a corner alongside a table or bookshelf. Then fill it with cozy cushions, shearling hides and furry friends.

Try A Stack Of Bedrolls

That your kids can pull down and spread out on. Then move your books collection to cute canvas baskets.

Use Your Bunk Bed

Try a criss-cross bunks arrangement, and fill the space next to the “1st floor” bed with cozy textiles and wall-mount bookshelves.

Build A Bench Into Your Bookshelves

If going custom is an option. (A cozy chair or settee placed just below the bookshelf works just as well.)

Suspend A Tent

A hanging canopy + beanbags tucked into a corner = the perfect reading hideaway.

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