How to Set an Instagram-Worthy Thanksgiving Table

If you’re hosting this year’s Thanksgiving feast, you’re probably worried about every detail of the celebration. Thanks to Instagram, however, you don’t need to fret about the table setting! Gather your inspiration for totally photo-worthy table decor from these 16 real Thanksgiving tables, and start worrying about other things . . . like the turkey.

Don’t Fear Simplicity

Don’t force a massive centerpiece and intricate table setting details if you’re not feeling good about it. There’s nothing wrong with a simple table, as long as it’s filled with good company and great food!

Boldly Stray From What’s Expected

Rather than sticking to jewel tones and shades of orange, try a bold combination like gold, black, and white. Your guests will be delighted by the change in holiday scenery!

Give It Some Glitter

You don’t have to stifle your glam tastes just because you’re celebrating a traditional holiday . . . incorporate some glitter into the table setting to capture your personal style.

Don’t Eat in the Dark

If you’re enjoying Thanksgiving dinner during daylight hours, throw your curtains open! A daylight-saving-time holiday doesn’t have to mean darkness.

Include a Thought-Provoking Touch

Keeping in mind the reason behind the holiday is important, so allow your guests to tangibly express their thanks through writing. After everybody has written their thoughts, you can go around the table and read the thanks aloud.

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