Candle Colors and Their Meanings

Did you know the act of burning candles is an ancient practice?  Many people believe that the spiritual world and the physical world can be connected through meditation and a lit flame.  The different colors of the candles have different meanings.  For instance, a white candle may be burned to seek protection, healing and unification.  The red candle represents passion, love and courage. Red stimulates your personal power.  One may use a yellow candle for wisdom, creativity and inspiration.  Blue candles are burned to examine emotions, while green candles represent success and abundance.  A black candle may be burned to offer protection from illness and negative energy.  Orange is super power and aggressive and purple candles have the power to cancel the negative effects of bad karma.  Brown candles help you regain balance while  pink helps you manifest love, friendship and devotion. Gold colored candles are burned for enlightenment.  Last but not least,  gray candles are used to offset negative influences without repercussions.

Whether you believe meditating with candles helps you achieve contact with the spirit side or not, white and colored candles are beautiful and relaxing!

Good Juju.  It’s all energy

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