Best Summer Getaways

Haven’t booked your vacation for summer yet? No problem. We’re making it easy to book your next vacation by showing you top 4destinationsthat will make your vacation undeniably amazing.

San Juan


The candy colored houses and cobble-stone streets of the old city are classic Insta-bait and the beaches are not so bad, themselves. Summer is a popular time, so if you want to stay somewhere close-by that’s a little further from the city, try Ocean Park Beach.Don’t miss: Castillo de San Cristobal is beautiful and its lawn is the perfect place to stop off for a picnic lunch. Get a view of the water from its walls before stopping off at the beach!

The British Virgin Islands


We will never get the grinning face of Obama chilling in the BVIs out of our heads, and trust that you’ll be just as blissful on the white sands with a Painkiller (their famous local rum drink) in hand.Don’t forget: There are so many islands to explore and so little time. Do some research on what sights you want to see first (like its popular tourist areas The Baths and Cane Garden Bay) and then map out a game plan for hitching ferries and renting scuba gear. 



Many think the summertime—with its constant sunshine—is the best time to travel to Fiji. (Though, let’s be honest, is there any BAD time to visit Fiji?! Answer: no.)Be sure to check out: The Hibiscus Festival and Bula Festival are happening in August—head to for dates and info.



Beat the summer humidity by booking for early June, when you can still enjoy the beautiful weather and beach. Summer is pretty popular, so avoiding tourists is going to be hard—but with a view like this, who cares?Don’t forget: Around 10% of shops and restaurants close from mid-August to early September, when the owners go on vacation—so try to book before then.

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