Bath Oils That’ll Make You Never Want to Leave the Tub

Forget about Netflix and chill. When we need a respite from the cold, harsh elements outside, the bathtub is the place to be. The warm water can make us forget about lengthy to-do lists, looming deadlines and frigid temperatures, especially if we have a good book and music playing softly in the background. While a foaming bubble bath will almost never let us down, a bath oil can upgrade the entire experience to spa-like levels.

Bath oils are a welcome addition to the tub on the dark days of winter when central heating and arctic temperatures have left our skin flaky and dry. A few drops of a rich bath oil will turn the water into a fragrant pool that nourishes parched skin without leaving behind a greasy coating. Not to mention pretty colors that rival a bath bomb and a soft, relaxing scent. After a few minutes of soaking, troubles (and dry skin) can seem very far away.


Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil, $48 at Sephora

A splash of this oil in a full tub of water will make it seem like you’re immersed in a bed of rose petals.The Moroccan rose otto oil leaves skin softer, while the delicate scent helps calm the senses.


Stress-Fix Composition Oil, $30 at Aveda

Stress-Fix is music to fried brains. The remedy comes in a calming body oil that can be applied as part of an all-over body massage or added to the bath. Instead of badgering roommates for another massage, use it during a soak in the bathtub. The lavender, lavandin and clary sage composition creates a zen environment as the oil hydrates skin.


You’ve Been Mangoed Luxury Bath Oil, $4.95 at Lush

Don’t put this bath oil near the fruit bowl! The speckled green melt is made with actual mango and avocado butters to nourish skin. Drop it in the bath and enjoy the invigorating lemongrass, lime and lemon scent as the water turns a brilliant green.

The Organic Pharmacy

Rose Bath Oil, $87 at The Organic Pharmacy

Treat yo’self with this decadent bath oil. It’s made of cold-pressed sunflower, jojoba, wheat germ and rosehip oils. The rose scent rivals a high-end floral fragrance.

Library of Flowers

Honeycomb Bath Oil, $28 at Neiman Marcus

The apothecary-inspired bottle will upgrade any bathroom, but it’s what is inside that will leave a lasting impression. The small batch-produced bath oil boasts that it has been "carefully crafted to create memorable journeys through sight and scent."A capful of the sugared fig, ambrosia honey and royal bee blossom formula does have the power to transport.

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