Ashley Graham on the 5 Staples That Should Be in Every Curvy Girl’s Closet Right Now

Ever wonder what’s really inside a supermodel’s closet? For Ashley Graham, it’s all about the classics.

“When you have a collection of staples, it makes it easy to mix, match, and build a ton of great outfits,” says Graham. At the beginning of every season, the star suggests taking stock of your wardrobe, making a list of what mainstays need repaired or replaced. “I think, did I hate the way this skirt or top fit? If so, I clear the space to make room for something I’ll actually wear,” she says. “And then, I start shopping early in the season, so I get first pick of all the good stuff.”

The 28-year-old beauty also says that this is the place to splurge if your budget allows. “I don’t spend a ton of money on trendy pieces because you usually only wear them for a season,” she says. “But splurging on a classic, whether that be a Manolo Blahnik pump or a beautiful pencil skirt, is worth it because you’ll be going back to it for years.”

1. Polished Jacket

"Navy blazers are seasonless and always make me feel put together, even when I’m wearing something simple like ripped jeans and a tank. Make sure you find a jacket with a streamlined cut. I like when the sleeves are fitted on my arms, so I sometimes go down a size."

2. Convertible Dress

"I’m a girl who adores dresses, and I know that every woman has her go-to silhouette. But if you’re down to experiment, Monif C. has a cool interchangeable style that you can wear a million different ways—strapless, halter, one-shoulder, and even with sleeves."

3. Pair of Perfect-Fit Jeans

"Everyone needs that one pair of jeans that makes them feel amazing. My favorite is high-waist to flatten the tummy and slightly cropped at the ankle to show off my shoes. Torrid has a tapered-leg style that is affordable and slimming in a dark wash for fall."

4. Shoes That Are Worth The Splurge

"Quality accessories, especially shoes, can elevate your entire look. I’m personally obsessed with Manolo Blahnik’s pointy-toe nude stilettos because they elongate your legs and look good with any outfit. When I’m going casual, I love everything Adidas, from Stan Smiths to Yeezy Boosts."

5. Curve-Hugging Pencil Skirt

"This is my must-have skirt shape. Put it with a jacket for work or a halfway-tucked-in white T for play. Either way, it’s always sexy."

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