About Us

Our Story

Hi everyone! My name is Patricia Robb and I am the Founder of Good Juju Company, proudly based in Colorado. I am originally from Texas, and I moved to Denver with my husband and children in 2005. First and foremost, we are an apparel company that represents positivity. My desire for you is that you feel mentally and physically energized in our apparel. Juju means energy. Good Juju is all about having good energy!

How it Started

As we all know, we all face hardships in this life. It is our choice to determine how we deal with these hardships. That choice defines our future happiness and energy. In 2009 our family experienced our own life changing crisis. 2009 happened to be the year my husband and I both turned 40 (not the crisis, by the way :)). Early in that year we had set fun family goals to ski/snowboard 40 days and other silly activities to try to represent that we weren’t really hitting the B-I-G 40!!!! NEVER had we planned how symbolic that number would be. Our son spent 40 nights in critical condition in the hospital that Fall. The doctor misdiagnosed him and he almost died.

After several surgeries, a pulmonary embolism, blood clots, kidney stones, feeding tubes and other issues, he came home. At that moment, our family had to make a very important choice. It is that choice that enabled us to heal and move forward. It is that choice that led to the creation of Good JuJu Company!

We chose to be “Better and Not Bitter!”

We have a fabulous community of friends and family that supported me at the hospital with my son and my husband at home with our other children. Without this support, I don’t know how we would have made it through.

How Far We’ve Come

After experiencing what our family went through, I realize that we are the lucky ones. I have been given an incredible gift and purpose! I have a deep desire to spread hope, happiness and to help others heal. This was the catalyst for Good Juju Company. I want to heal the world one t-shirt, hoodie, yoga pant, cap, bag, belt (and we will always be adding new products) at a time!

Another Important component to Good Juju is philanthropy. If you have a cause that is important to you and you would like to partner with Good Juju please let us knowย so that we can discuss a potential philanthropic relationship.

Thank you for reading about our company and have Good Juju everyday! Spread it! It’s all energy!

Love, Patricia