6 Crafty Household Item Hacks

Is there anything more clever than a good hack? We think not. These random household hacks ahead save space, money, and time. From the benefits of lemon essential oil to the one thing you should install in your cupboards, we’ve got you covered. A happy home = a happy life!

Witch Hazel Hack

If you’ve got a few annoying bug bites, dab the irritations with witch hazel.

Tea Tree Oil Hack

Mix a little tea tree oil, distilled vinegar, and water for the perfect shower-cleansing spray.

Sponge Hack

Slide a sponge beneath your bar soap to halt dripping. This will make it last longer!

Pillowcase Hack

Cut a slit in pillowcases to use them as garment bags for your sartorial items.

Thumbtack Hack

Use thumbtacks to hang up household items, such as trash bags and baggies. This will save room in your cupboards!

Essential Oil Hack

Add a few drops of tea tree oil to the water in vases to perk up your flowers.

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