5 Perfect Holiday Centerpieces

Create a pedestal of pies: Gather cake stands in a variety of sizes and heights. Lay a table runner in the middle of the table, either on its own or on top of a full tablecloth. Place a pretty napkin in a pattern or color on each cake stand, and then place the cake stands down the center of the table. Top each cake stand with a different Marie Callender’s® pie—Dutch apple, coconut cream, or pumpkin, to name just a few.

Assemble a parade of pumpkins: Pumpkins offer a sculptural touch on a tabletop and there are a number of different ways to display them. For a fun and easy DIY, gather lots of different sized and multicolored pumpkins—enough to run down the length of your table. Or, divide them into three batches and spray paint each batch a different shade of the same color—say a light blue, medium blue, and dark blue. Once dry, place the pumpkins on skinny serving dishes in the center of the table; scatter autumn leaves around the base for a pop of color.

Fill up vases and jars: Flowers are easy to get and there are a whole host of ways you can accent glass containers to add beauty and drama to your tabletop. Assemble a mixed-up collection of varying height vases and jars, including Mason jars; one should be taller than the rest and will act as a grounding point for your display. Fill the jars with either faux cranberries or shelled or unshelled nuts. Tuck tall stalks of wheat (faux or real), slim branches with berries or leaves, or other fall foliage. At the base of the vases and jars, scatter more nuts and a few apples, as well as some fall-colored leaves.

Offer “thanks” with your centerpiece: Cut out leaf shapes from heavier cream or colored paper; place a stack, along with dark pens or pencils, at the entry table. As guests arrive, ask them to write down what they are thankful for. On the tabletop, center a tall vase; fill with pretty river rocks (available in florist supply sections of craft stores) and tuck in several slim, structurally beautiful branches. After they finish writing, guests can tape their messages to branches.

Use pie as a pretty focal point: Find one or several low, long boxes. Wrap them in colorful or patterned fabric or tissue paper, and place down the center of the table. Place individual slices of Marie Callender’s® pies, each on a dessert plate, down the center of the table, on top of the covered box. Feature different flavors for variety!

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