5 Extras Worth Adding to Your Grocery Cart

More wine? Sure. But you may consider tossing these items in, too. They might seem small or insignificant, but they can make the meal you worked so hard on even better—with almost zero effort.


“Put some wedges on the table. I love a squeeze over green beans, Brussels sprouts, or even turkey. It brightens a heavy meal, they look pretty, and you can always use them for water, too,” says Genevieve Ko, the author of Better Baking.

A Fancy Salt

“Some-times traditional Thanksgiving food can be bland. Provide a dish of sea salt, like Maldon, or even a mild chile flake. A little goes a long way,” says Ko.


Ko sets out a dish for dolloping onto roasted vegetables: “It makes them creamy and tastes luxurious but requires no work on the part of the host.”


“There’s never enough room in the refrigerator for drinks. Put them in a bucket with ice. You can even keep it outside,” says Diana Henry, the author of Simple.


“It’s a good addition to your sandwich the following day,” says Henry.

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