4 Ways To Dress For Winter, Without The Bulk

After an extra-long summer, we’re all about this crisp fall weather; we’d even go so far as to say we’re excited for the frosty winter months ahead. But we’ve all been there — standing in front of our closet wishing we could wear our silky summer dresses while the flurries outside call for wool and puffer coats. Let’s face it: Pulling together a chic cold-weather outfit is no easy feat, especially when you have to pile on layer upon layer to stay warm. Heavy sweaters on top of long-sleeve tops on top of tanks only give you serious bulk, not sartorial points. That said, mastering a polished winter ensemble is definitely possible if you know the right tricks and styling hacks.

Black leggings are no doubt a wardrobe staple, but sometimes, it’s good to give your basics a break. Enter our favorite solution for spicing things up. Anchor your outfit with a velour pair — a huge trend for fall and winter — in a classic-with-a-twist color like gray. Add visual interest and serious warmth by rolling a pair of chunky socks in a similar shade on top.

Like earmuffs (more about those below), a knit headband is the perfect piece to stash in your purse all winter long. Another item your cold-weather wardrobe shouldn’t be without? A classic turtleneck. Pick one up in a neutral shade, and you’ll be amazed at the countless styling possibilities — from tucked in to layered under a crisp button-down or chunky cardigan.

Though fleece has always been a cold-weather go-to, the black, fitted version seen here is more stylish and grown-up than its predecessors (while still offering the same level of warmth and comfort). Paired with minimalist leggings and textured mittens, the idea is to keep the color palette and silhouette streamlined to allow one hero piece, like this awesome oversized puffer, to stand out.

The single most important trick to staying warm? Keeping your head, hands, and feet toasty. Master the formula in style by throwing on a set of fun earmuffs with a long-sleeve, half-zip hoodie that offers clever thumbholes in lieu of having to wear gloves. Pair with a bright pair of track pants and simple sneakers for a weekend look that’s fashion-forward but still totally chill (proof).

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